KDE people getting to know our Gnome friends. The Gnome chap gave me a bit hug just after so it must have gone well whatever they were talking about. Ruphy on WikiToLearn one of the more stylish speakers of the day Rasterman gave a talk on Enlightenment and how it’s being ported to Wayland for […]

KDE neon Website Now Live

KDE  neon website is now live. Serving the freshest packages of KDE software.  Developers’ archive with packages built from KDE Git available now, stable archive with packages built from released tars coming soon. Launch party tonight in La Paon, Grand Place, Brussels (Under a .uk domain name until we finish the KDE incubation process.) by

In the Mansion House

Here is deepest Padania a 4 story mansion provides winter cover to KDE developers working to free your computers. I woke up this morning and decided I liked it The mansion keeps a close lock on the important stuff The pool room has a table with no pockets, it must be posh Front door The […]

Guest Blog: Dolphin Survey

Guest Blog for Arnav Dhamija, first year computer science undergraduate at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. Hey everyone, I am a first year undergraduate student at the university and I have an idea I want to use for the GSoC with KDE to make Dolphin an even better file manager. My project idea revolves around making […]