Labour Manifesto 2016

Labour released their manifesto last, curiously close to the election.  It means I’ve mostly run out of energy to read it and care.  Let’s see what pops out at me. “Scottish Labour will work to bring together stakeholders such as Sport Scotland, the Scottish Sports Association and the Scottish Volunteer Forum to create a Sport […]

SNP Manifesto 2016

I went to the SNP manifesto launch, after a decade of paying membership fees I reckoned I should get a croissant back.  The EDM music pumped out with funky visuals and when the finance minister appeared there was whooping, when the manifesto author appeared there was cheering and when Nicola appeared there was pandemonium.  It’s […]

kver’s definition of anarchy

This amused me Possible differences/anarchy may include: Strange chewing noises if inserting a disc. Never finding the correct orientation of USB plugs. Your machine mysteriously moving several inches if you leave the room briefly. Your printer demanding white ink to operate. Small house pets may go missing, tufts of fur in keyboard. Growling noises if […]

KDE neon User Edition Tech Preview

KDE neon User Edition Tech Preview is out now. It’s a build of KDE neon using released software, our clever CI system watches for new releases such as Plasma 5.6.3 and packages them pronto.  If you want to use the latest released software, this is the way to do it. It is built on […]

Lib Dem Manifesto

The Lib Dems have made a manifesto and as usual it’s quite good. It has lots about education, which is the normal stuff of politics.  Makes a change from headlining with the NHS I suppose.  NHS comes in second with the same stuff as every manifesto about improving mental health facilities which is nice. […]

Vote Loony to Add K to the Welsh Language

There’s elections in Scotland and other countries of the UK next month and I’ve been writing blog posts on the various party manifestos as I work out who should run the country. KDE has always had an adoption problem in Wales.  Elite hackers like Alan Cox and Dafydd Harries have been big supporters of Gnome […]

KDE neon upgrades to 16.04LTS

KDE neon is a package archive of KDE software built on a stable foundation.  We use Ubuntu because it’s good technology that we’re familiar with and which provides a Long Term Support foundation we can use.  When we started the only practical version to use at the start was 15.10 so our packages have been […]

Scottish Conservative Manifesto Quite a wordy one this.  Interesting for admitting defeat before the election and going to largest opposition party rather than government.  Very personality led with lots of photos of Ruth Davidson throughout as well as some of the other better looking candidates, I guess it worked for the SNP well enough. But nothing very […]

UKIP Scotland 2016 Manifesto

When I said Scottish Greens were the first with a manifesto, I was ignoring UKIP who are not to be taken seriously and aren’t polling with any danger of getting near the parliament.  Still I was curious and couldn’t resist.  It’s more professional than you’d expect for a party in special measures (the Scottish UKIP […]

Scottish Greens Manifesto 2016

Greens are first to publish their manifesto for the elections to the Scottish parliament next month. Seems full of good ideas, here’s some highlights – “Hold letting agencies to account. We will promote better regulation to tackle poor service and ensure information is available about good letting agencies and landlords.” nice but alas no […]

KDE neon Developer Edition Images Fresh each Day

It’s Friday, so the perfect day to rollout new tech.  Nothing could go wrong. Look Harald got user edition release packages starting to build. And I got the developer edition installable images up, make fresh each day from Git branches of KDE software, either the unstable master branch or the stable branch (Plasma/5.6).  The best […]