“The Logical Case”

In my quest to find any rational reason to leave the EU I read the booklet of long time nationalist campaigner Jim Sillars called “The Logical Case“.

  • Leaving the EU means an independent Scotland can re-enter the EU as a normal entry rather than a breakaway entry and stop Spain vetoing it due to fears of breakaway Catalunya.
    Well yes, and it might also trigger a second independence referendum, but it’s seriously high risk and could cause the collapse of the economy and it’s just hypocritical to say you want out so you can stay in.
  • Scotland should join EFTA like Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein
    And pay for EU membership without having a democratic input? Now that really would be illogical.
  • The EU is run by an unelected elite
    Nonsense worthy of Nigel Farage this one.  It’s run by a commission appointed by democracies, reviewed by a democratic parliament and finalised by a council of democracies.  I think the commission should be chosen from the parliament by any government but I don’t hear anyone else proposing that so the status quo seems sensible enough.
  • Economic Immigration is bad, except when it’s good
    Jim’s booklet goes a bit UKIP here and while it says refugee migration should be helped in a humane way economic migration should be controlled.  But then it says Scotland needs more migrants so nothing should change.  It does nothing whatsoever to say why a government should allow me to migrate to Stirling but restrict me migrating to Barcelona or Guadeloupe.  I see no reason why arbitrary lines on a map should restrict what I can or cannot do.
  • Sovereignty
    Ah, that old argument.  A medaeval word to appeal to people’s tribalistic instincts and justify a monarch’s absolute rule over some arbitrary lines on a map.  No thanks, absolute power should not be in any person or body but spread about which, as one of our four layers of government, the EU helps do quite nicely.

Having looked at the nutters’ case and at the more sensible case of Jim Sillars here, I conclude there are zero reasons to leave the EU.


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