Jonathan Riddell's programs

Various progams of mine and some that are useful to me.

An operating system I make. I gave a Kubuntu and KDE Talk at LugRadio Live 2005.
Lock Down KDE with Kiosk Mode
From Linux Desktop Hacks
KDE Conference 2004 Developer and User Conferences Writeups
Summaries of talks from akademy conference
KDE SVG Spiral Wallpaper
I made KDE support SVG backgrounds, and this is the first SVG background made for KDE.
happyk kdm theme
The first theme made for KDM.
Why KDE is Kool Cool
Slides I put together quickly for a talk to EdLUG and Tayside LUG on KDE Development, KDE Cool things and Software Patents
KDE Conference 2003 Talk Writeups
Summaries of talks from Nove Hrady conference
Umbrello UML Modeller, a UML program for KDE
I am the project administrator for Umbrello UML Modeller, coming to a KDE release near you soon (3.2)
I worked on Umbrello as my dissertation: Presentations and Honours Dissertation Report
kio-mac, a KDE ioslave for mac OS hfs+ partitions
Version 1.0 (KDE 3) 11 July 2002 - updated packages for KDE 3
Version 1.0 19 February 2002 - small kludge for KDE 3, version number change
Version 0.8 1 February 2002 - links, hidden files, bugfix and icon
Version 0.7 26 Januery 2002 - supports mimetypes and more
Version 0.6 24 Januery 2002 - supports dates and various bugfixes over 0.5
A kioslave for macOS hfsplus partitions which lets you see your MacOS files using Konqueror.

The files (KDE 3):
I've done these packages for KDE 3.0.1 (made with debian, see and should work with other KDE 3.0 versions. They arn't very well tested. The code is in the KDE 3.1 CVS so future releases will be a part of KDE (hoorah!). I had to apt-get install libfam-dev for compiling under Debian.
The files (KDE 2):
Various HFS+ utils packages:
You need these for kio-mac. HFSplus utils are command line tools to read HFS+ partitions. libhfsp is the library they use. (They arn't written by me).
I could do with feedback and general comments.
KMilo Thinkpad Plugin
A port of tpb to KDE. Allows you to use the special buttons on an IBM Thinkpad. KMilo Thinkpad screenshot.
My KMilo webpage
Realrekord realrekord-0.9-jr3.tar.bz2 download
Real rekord a KDE app for recording realplayer/realmedia/realaudio streams. By Thanassis Misaridis. This version has been updated slightly to compile with KDE 3.2 (and probably KDE 3.1).
Realrekord screenshot
realrekord-0.9.tar.bz2 original package
News Feed
Script to e-mail new articles on news sites, should be fairly easy to adapt to other news sites. email-news-feed has the mailing lists for, and which use this script. update your GPG/PGP keys
One liner by Paul Sladen to get the latest versions of all the keys in your keyring.
Mozilla put publish script
I use this with websites to let people who don't know HTML edit them
Webedit, a cgi script to let you edit files on a web server through the web. Should work.
htpasswd control
Perl CGI script to let someone administrate (add and delete user names) a .htpasswd file for apache
Ogle libdvdcss, libdvdread et al RPMs for SuSE (and probably others)
Ogle DVD Video player for Linux only supply libdvdcss and libdvdread in SRPM format which doesn't always compile. Here's the full bunch for SuSE (but libdvdcss and libdvdread should work for everyone). Needs libglade and other GNOME shenanegans.
Xine complete
The xine complete (with DeCSS) RPMs from (or use Ogle!)
Ksirc beep patch
Adds a feature to ksirc to allow the users to set it to beep when something happens. (I find this very useful.) Against 2.2.
ModHello - simple linux module
A linux module which says hello to you. My first attempt at kernel hacking. I havn't worked out how to send an EOF or why it only prints the first 6 characters
Brookshear Machine
A simple brookshear machine (very simple computer simulation controlled by assembly code) in Java
Mandelbrot applet
An applet to draw a Mandelbrot set
Source code for above applet
Breakout game
A bat and bricks breakout game. I don't know why the bat doesn't appear on some windows systems, probably to do with poor thread management. I'd love to know why.
Source code for above applet
soft_token.c for RSA securid
For secure login, if you can't aford the RSA hardware.
Source code (not written by me of course) for DeCSS the program which decodes the CSS encoding system used on DVD vidoes.
The Motion Pictures Association of America is trying to ban sites containing this code and sites linking to these sites. Well the American legal system might be screwed but so far Scots law isn't. THIS CODE DOES NOT AID IN THE COPYING OF DVD VIDEOS. Just so you know. It only aids in letting you watch them.

For all the people searching Google for "mac decss" or "decss mac" there is a version of mplayer for MacOS X which should include it, also try videolan. decss itself is platform independant because it's not acutally a functioning program.
A perl module to do useful things with They claim it violates their copyright which, given that it's entirely written by someone else, is even more nonsence than the DeCSS lark above.

And finally an essay on what XML is and one on the history of the pentium (not my title, he meant to say 8086 family of processors). Both from Uni.