2.4. Together

Together[together] considers itself to be a "model, build and deploy" platform because of its code synchronisation feature. It includes a text editor for program code as well as a UML diagram ability. Changes to the diagrams are in theory also made to changes in the code and changes to the code are reflected immediately in the diagrams. It also includes support for various specific Java language features such as Java Bean components.

The code and model synchronisation is an impressive feature. It reportedly has had to be re-written four times to reach its current quality. Unfortunately the feature is patented[software-patents], even though it is arguable that the idea truly is non-obvious. Like Argo, Together is written in Java and suffers from the same issues of unresponsiveness and interface inconsistency.

Togethersoft has recently been bought by Borland, it will be interesting to see whether and how it will be integrated into Borland's existing tools.