Jonathan Riddell™ IP Policy

This is the Jonathan Riddell™ IP Policy.  It applies to all Jonathan’s intellectual property in Ubuntu archives.  Jonathan is one of the top 5 uploaders, usually the top 1 uploader, to Ubuntu compiling hundreds of packages in the Ubuntu archive.  Further Jonathan reviews new and updated packages in the archive.  Further Jonathan selects compiler defaults and settings for KDE and Qt and other packages in the Ubuntu archive.  Further Jonathan builds and runs tests for Ubuntu packages in the archives.  Further Jonathan Riddell™ is a trademark of Jonathan Riddell™in Scotland, Catalunya and other countries; a trademark which is included in all packages edited by Jonathan Riddell™.  Further Jonathan is the author of numberous works in the Ubuntu archive.  Further Jonathan is the main contributor to the selection of software in Kubuntu. Therefore Jonathan has IP in the Ubuntu archive possibly including but not limited to copyright, patents, trademarks, sales marks, geographical indicators, database rights, compilation copyright, designs, personality rights and plant breeders rights.  To deal with, distribute, modify, look at or smell Jonathan’s IP you must comply with this policy.

Policy: give Jonathan a hug before using his IP.

If you want a licence for Jonathan’s IP besides this one you must contact Jonathan first and agree one in writing.

Nothing in this policy shall be taken to override or conflict with free software licences already put on relevant works.


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26 Comment

  1. Torpak says: Reply

    I have long since switched to Arch Linux but i still think the Ubuntu policy is damaging not only Ubuntu, but all F/OSS.
    Thank you for publicly fighting this out for all of us!

  2. gaboo says: Reply

    Well, thank you is all I can think of!

  3. JP says: Reply

    Well, Jonathan, please accept a big hug, because I’ve been using your great IP for a long time.
    Thank you!

  4. I read this article in Morgan Freeman’s voice.

    1. Blixa Morgan says: Reply

      Thanks, now I cant stop reading it like that.

  5. cra says: Reply

    Jono Bacon be like “?”


  6. Ernesto Manríquez says: Reply

    May I buy you a beer instead? 😀

  7. Mike Lothian says: Reply

    I actually giggled at that

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  9. Charles V. Wright AKA VINNY says: Reply

    A big ‘virtual hug’ for ya man ,,,,,,,,,I love Kubuntu and have used it and therefor your IP since 2009 😉


  10. […] You can read the full text below or on Jon’s own blog. […]

  11. Visca Riddell says: Reply

    THANK YOU Sr. Riddell!

    Gràcies, you are the best!

  12. Blixa Morgan says: Reply

    Do virtual hugs count?

  13. […] puede leer el texto completo en el propio blog de Jon. Fuente:   Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet […]

  14. Dimitri John Ledkov says: Reply

    Well, it’s easier to just check the licensing on the works that we do contribute and essentially infest across the board. For all but very few things, there are non-canonical contributions thus if licensed correctly would invalidate all of the ambiguity,

  15. Andrea says: Reply

    Here is a hug from a long-time kubuntu user, then 🙂

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  17. Ralf Grenzer says: Reply

    Yesterday I killed accidentally my production debian – KDE.
    I needed to restore it asap and decided to switch to Kubuntu for sake of speed. After 1 hour everything worked again. Including Plasma5.

    So: lots of big virtual hugs, and keep on with your excellent work!

  18. Thangaraj says: Reply

    Nicely done 😉

  19. gojul says: Reply

    Thanks for the fun and for all what you did !

    I switched away from Kubuntu to Debian-KDE because of what Canonical made to you and do not plan to switch back again because of their Mir delirium. But well thanks also for your contributions to KDE.

  20. Enrique D says: Reply

    Hug and Thank You!

  21. RussianNeuroMancer says: Reply

    Hug from me and thanks again for fast kdenlive package fix 🙂

  22. […] different concern. Riddell just lately tried to attract consideration to this drawback with the “Jonathan Riddell IP Coverage.” This IP coverage, posted to his weblog, states that you need to give Jonathan Riddell a hug […]

  23. Genius

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