Month: June 2016

KDE neon Press Coverage and Comments

KDE neon User Edition 5.6 came out a couple of weeks ago, let’s have a look at the commentry. Phoronix stuck to their reputation by announcing it a day early but redeemed them selves with a follow up article KDE neon: The Rock & Roll Distribution. “KDE neon feels amazing. There’s simply no other way […]

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KDE neon User Edition 5.6

Polishing is important but after a while you need to put a fork in it and decide it’s done and so we’ve announced KDE neon User Edition 5.6, our first edition which we advocate for our target audience. Someone who relishes frequent updates of features Someone who cares what software is on their desktop and […]

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The Purpose of Planets

Planet KDE and similar sites exist to show the people in the communities, what they are working on and what their interests and characters are.  It’s not an official news site like KDE Dot News and it’s not even on the domain which I find disappointing.  Posts on topics outwith KDE are encouraged as […]

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In my quest to find any rational reason to leave the EU I read the booklet of long time nationalist campaigner Jim Sillars called “The Logical Case“. Leaving the EU means an independent Scotland can re-enter the EU as a normal entry rather than a breakaway entry and stop Spain vetoing it due to fears […]

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