Month: October 2004


Not a single instance of the old ScotRail logo is left anywhere on the route from Haymarket to Bridge of Allan, someone has been very busy putting First logo stickers everywhere. Some of the trains have even been repainted already to a purply colour. The easiest thing that First could do would be to put […]

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Science Books

Recently I’ve read a few books by Bill Bryson who does comical travel books. His African Diary is particularly good because it has a political edge as he describes the problems of a slum in Nairobi or a refugee camp, a whole town in the middle of a desert where generations have lived unable to […]

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ScotLUG Meeting September

Very rough notes from the meeting last night Started with a question and answer session because the ones at the end just mean people go to the pub. Why is Glasgow in Lanarkshire? It hasn’t been for many a year but we don’t know which database keeps getting this wrong. KDE t-shirts and badges were […]

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