Month: November 2008

Nice to be popular (unless you’re Yvette Bettley)

It’s nice to be popular, my blog’s traffic has increased from about 150 readers yesterday to 100 times that today. Amongst the people looking to my blog for gossip on poor old Yvette Bettley the polis woman who is illegally a member of the BNP are someone at the Scottish Parliament (they got in first) […]

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Wikileaks gets BNP member list

The excellent Wikileaks got hold of a list of BNP members. Is there a racist in your street? Now you can know. The well informed Lancaster Unity blog has some (occationally over optimistic sounding) coverage. Out of about 12000 records, a depressing 56 members in the EH area, including a chap called Roderick E. Riddell […]

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