Digital Media

The lengthy named UKTV Gold 2 digital channel has decided that if they are going to have a stupid name they may as well have one that isn’t so long and renamed to Dave. I feel this reflects the meaningfulness of most digital TV channels.

Meanwhile digital radio is great and I look forward to Channel 4’s new multiplex (well, not the station from Closer magazine obviously, or anything with 24 hour big brother coverage). Chill radio is my favourite for ambient background music, although it does lack the handy “ban” button that sports when it gets too musack.

The BBC meanwhile is not doing its public service duty to support open platforms and access to programming by using proprietary software for its iPlayer. You can’t even control what the iPlayer is doing, and it’ll happily eat up all your bandwidth given a chance. They did put out a press release saying Linux and MacOS users will get a Flash based player, I’ve tried it and it works well if you don’t mind the window being about 600 pixels across. I think I’ll stick to UK Nova.