G+ Takeout

Google+ does rather killoff the notion I had of Google as a highly efficient company who always produce top quality work.  Even using the takeout website to download the content from Google+ I found a number of obvious bugs and … Read More

KDE at FOSDEM 2019

February means FOSDEM, the largest gathering of free software developers in the continent. I drove for two days down the winding roads and even onto a train and out again to take the bits needed to run the stall there. … Read More

Another Year Older

Christmas Eve means it’s my birthday, an exciting day of celebrating the year past and year to come.  I always feel it’s the best use of Facebook that people wish happy birthday there. Piraguismo This last year I’ve had a … Read More

Achievement of the Week

This week I gave KDE Frameworks a web page after only 4 years of us trying to promote it as the best thing ever since cabogganing without one.  I also updated the theme on the KDE Applications 18.12 announcement to … Read More

Room 23: Surviving a Brain Hemorrhage

Room 23 is the true story of Kavita Basi.  An English lady in the prime of life, healthy with friends, family and career who one day had a headache which rapidly turned into an emergency trip to hospital.  Aquired brain … Read More


It’s not uncommon to come across some dusty corner of KDE which hasn’t been touched in ages and has only half implemented features. One of the joys of KDE is being able to plunge in and fix any such problem … Read More

Planet KDE Categories

Jings no wonder people find computer programming scary when the most easily accessible lanugage, JavaScript, is also the most messy one. Occationally people would mention to me that the categories on Planet KDE didn’t work and eventually I looked into … Read More

Planet KDE Twitter Feed

Some years ago I added an embedded Twitter feed to the side of Planet KDE.  This replaced the earlier feed manually curated feeds from identi.ca and twitter which people added but had since died out (in the case of identi.ca) … Read More

Red Hat and KDE

By a strange coincidence the news broke this morning that RHEL is deprecating KDE. The real surprise here is that RHEL supported KDE all.  Back in the 90s they were entirely against KDE and put lots of effort into our friendly … Read More

kgraphviewer 2.4.3

KGraphViewer, your favourite visualiser of .dot files, has a new update. Switch KgvPageLayout to QPageSize for page size handling Avoid double top-level layout in KGVSimplePrintingPageSetup Fix layout of page layout & size dialog Remove unused dependency KIO Fix minor typo … Read More

KDE neon Bionic Update

The work to rebase KDE neon on Bionic is progressing. Apologies if it feels slow but it’s keeping our infrastructure busy while continuing with the xenial builds alongside.  I’ve just managed to get the package version check to turn green … Read More

A Decade of Plasma

I realised that it’s now a decade of KDE releasing its Plasma desktop.  The KDE 4 release event was in January 2008.  Google were kind enough to give us their office space and smoothies and hot tubs to give some … Read More

Maintenance of Tenement Communal Property

There is a motion discussing Maintenance of Tenement Communal Property next week in parliament which asks that “the government should review the situation and consider any legislative changes, new initiatives, enhanced use of existing rules and/or further action by local authorities … Read More

On Brexit

In 2015 the Conservative party won the UK election on a manifesto promise of holding a referendum on the UK’s EU membership.  I highlighted this by changing my Facebook profile picture but was told this was unnecessary. The referendum was … Read More

KGraphViewer 2.4.2

KGraphViewer 2.4.2 has been released. KGraphViewer is a visualiser for Graphviz’s DOT format of graphs. https://www.kde.org/applications/graphics/kgraphviewer Changelog compared to 2.4.0: add missing find dependency macro https://build.neon.kde.org/job/xenial_unstable_kde-extras_kgraphviewer_lintcmake/lastCompletedBuild/testReport/libkgraphviewer-dev/KGraphViewerPart/find_package/ Fix broken reloading and broken layout changing due to lost filename https://phabricator.kde.org/D7932 kgraphviewer_part.rc: set … Read More

Surf Kayak Safety and Rescue

I went on the Glenmore Lodge to take the kayak out for the day.  It was led by elite surf paddlers Tracy and Ian Sherrington and a couple of other staff and there was about 14 of us punters there.  … Read More