Month: April 2006

Twekesbury and the Mosquito Teenage Repellent

Tewkesbury in Englandshire is just the sort of place English towns ought to be like. A large abbey, genuine tudor houses that look like they’re about to fall down any minute, no discernable sight of industry save for an early 19th century flower mill still in heavy use, a marina filled with very expensive looking […]

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Science, Magic and Mass

I went to some more lectures in the Science Festival. The first was about the psychology of magic and showed some of the tricks used by magicians to deceive us. Most interesting was a video where we were told to count the number of times the basket ball was passed between players. On second viewing […]

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Adam Hart Davis at the Edinburgh Science Festival

Sadly some people I know read OK magazine and watch soap operas and enjoy similar such low entertainment. These people sometimes laugh at my naivety of not knowing random famous people like Joan Collins. I’ve been asked who my preferred type of celebrity is but generally I’d say I don’t have one until I noticed […]

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