There’s still quite a lot of the Bible after Jesus dies. His apostles go out and start spreading what becomes christianity to anyone who will listen. This mostly means non-Jews. A lot of it is long and boring and involves explaining what Jesus ment. Sometimes it gets a bit nasty as someone gets thrown in jail or tortured to death. One of the apostles gets thrown in jail and manages to protest all the way to up Caesar but the version I was reading never covered any actual trial with Caesar which is a shame. One day an apostle is wandering along when Jesus starts talking in the sky and starts showing him heaven, hell and the apocalyps. Heaven is very well lit and has lots of thrones and lots of angelic types worshiping around god all day every day. He has a pet sheep there for some reason. There’s an apocalypse with horsemen and everything, it’s all a bit Terry Pratchett. The bible ends with a warning that anyone who adds or removes anything from it will be burned in hell, which probably expains why the abreviated version I was reading is written anonymously.

I read Harry Potter after that, it was much more exciting.