Month: February 2005


Recently I’ve gone to some lectures. Two were part of the excellent Edinburgh Lectures series. High quality free public lectures are a sign of a first rate cultural and intellectual environment so I consider it my duty to go to them. The first was from Kim Winser who runs Pringle the borders knitwear company (Pringle […]

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Crumpets on Arthurs Seat

Me and some Friends were eating toasted crumpets and drinking tea at the top of Arthurs Seat last week when up popped this young lad or lass (the helmet made it hard to know which) carrying a bike who then cycled all the way down the steepest face. That’s extreame cycling. by

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The Scottish Enlightenment – Africa & Conclusion

The last part of my notes from The Scottish Enlightenment Africa was the final continent to be explored and colonised by Europeans. Malaria was the main reason why it was impossible to discover its hidden depths. Journeys up the Congo usually ended in death for most of the crew. David Livingstone was a mill worker […]

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