Month: November 2011

Tennis Guadeloupe Stype

The problem: The solution: Tennis here is played with a raquette anti-moustique which uses mosquitoes instead of tennis balls. It makes a satisfying electric spark when you hit one. by

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Finding Things to do in Guadeloupe

It’s tricky to find things to go in Guadeloupe. Not because there aren’t many things to do, they are just not advertised, or when they are there’s no way of findings out when and where they might be. The idea of having an up to date website with a usable map on it does not […]

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Moving to Guadeloupe

The nights were drawing in, the days cold and dark, the green man had done battle with the winter queen and lost. Time to fly away. Florida was fun with my Kubuntu community and friends, the mickey mouse burgers, the free alcohol, chlorinated waterfalls and specs written. I could go home to the cold and […]

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