KTextAddons 1.5.3

KTextAddons is a library with Various text handling addons used by Ruqola and Kontact apps. It can be compiles for both Qt 5 and 6 and distros are advised to compile two builds for each until Ruqola is ported to Qt 6.

URL: https://download.kde.org/stable/ktextaddons/

SHA256: 8a52db8abfa8a9d68d2d291fb0f8be20659fd7899987b4dcafdf2468db0917dc


  • Drop unused KXmlGui dependency
  • Adapt to new KConfigGroup API
  • As we exclude emojis we need to remove it from list and not exclude it
  • Use proxymodel when exclude emoticons were updated
  • Allow to exclude some specific emoticons (Need for ruqola)
  • Exclude mock engine => it’s for test
  • Remove generate pri support (removed in kf6)