Wikileaks gets BNP member list

The excellent Wikileaks got hold of a list of BNP members. Is there a racist in your street? Now you can know.

The well informed Lancaster Unity blog has some (occationally over optimistic sounding) coverage.

Out of about 12000 records, a depressing 56 members in the EH area, including a chap called Roderick E. Riddell living in Maxwell Street not far from me. No relation fortunately.

An A.R. Williams from Devizes is listed as “Hobbies: amateur radio & ‘church-crawling’. Quaker attender”. Creepy. I e-mailed his meeting suggesting they have a chat to him about the equality testimony.

There’s a polis woman Yvette Bettley listed as “Discretion required re. employment concerns” (Police are banned from BNP membership), the same comment is by a couple of others.

More comedy is Rod Chapman from Dereham listed as “Window cleaner. Former pig farmer. Pagan prison chaplain. Hobbies: growing mistletoe, rune making (wood).” I wonder how one gets to be a Pagan prison chaplain, hopefully the prison will kick him out. Jason Cotterill-Attaway from Nottingham is listed as “Interested in disabiity rights and setting up a British Pagan group” and there I was thinking pagans would be all happy and inclusive. Paul Shaddick “describes himself as a witch: potential embarrassment if active”.

Matthew Jenkins of Ilminster was apparantly “embarrassed by revelations in Private Eye re. councillors”, I wonder what that was.

While it’s fun to look for the interesting characters on this list, most of them will be “skinhead oiks” (I know, I lived over the road from them for some time) Hopefully this leak will stop some of these racists paying their membership next year.

Update: this blog post has been pleasingly popular, thanks Google. Wikileaks got a bit overloaded so you can find the list here or from this torrent. More fun is a map of BNP members near me.

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  1. ‘is there a racist living in your street, now you can know’….


  2. bet the embarressment about councillors was linked to lincolnshire CC and cllr speechly. A couple of years ago they were a kept in business by the shambles!
    Look it up if you don’t remember the stories. Think they ended up having to change the law as a result of the whole thing!

  3. Why the comment about the police officer being a member, they have a black police association why i find racist as being white you cannot join, same thing for the BNP seems to be one rule for some and none for the others. WAKE UP and realise that you too will become a minority in your own country I am not a facist before you say just someone who is in touch with the real world.

  4. Dear Mr Riddell

    Do you really think that this is going to decrease the BNP membership ?? Sadly this is great PR for them. Im not sure what your situation is ?, maybe your life is rather boring, or you have not been successful in your chosen field ?, but if you think that turning these people in to some sort of martyrs is going to stop them you are sadly mistaken. You should be totally ignoring them and they might go away.

  5. @ S Morgan: It doesn’t really matter about PR for the BNP. At the next election there will be a high voter turnout, and we will see the BNP’s percentage share of the vote drop to 0.06% or something equally weak. The proof is in their policies. We need to address and demolish their manifesto rather than clanging on about racism and immigration. They are found out very easily

  6. stewart:

    you are a weak, pathetic, fearful little bully.

  7. The comments some of these people are leaving on various websites goes a long way to confirming that they ARE the kind of people we think they are. 11,800? What a bunch of losera!

  8. I have rarely felt I had to choose between being a muslim and being British. On the contrary, I felt at ease being both at the same time. I know enough about my faith more so then most people what it means to be a good citizen and good Muslim both in a Muslim and Non Muslim state. Most of the islamic values are in perfect conformity with western norm. It will be disingenous to say that there are no differences which by the way also present in other faith goups. To talk of Shariah without contextulsing is gross injustice to the sophisticated Islamic Juristic principle. There is no compuslion in relegion. One can not forced to become muslim as this is classed as oppression and visa vie against the natural disposition of man. If anyone visiting Morrocco or Malaysia or indonesia or most of the Arab coutnries, they would come to know there is hardly any communal violence with the exception war ravaged nations. Mr. N. Griffin attampting to win political point using Islam is based on pure missinformation. However at this point I must add that we have our own evenglical tendancy that thrives on simplistic reading and political discoursejust like in anyother faith group. I have no objection to N. Griffin per say but his ignornace regarding Islam and Muslim is insult to intelligence. If one is sure about his/her ethenic identity and does not suffer from a patholgoical existentialist complex, they would not buy into the argument put forward by the hate preecher of race, relegion or tribes. Then again fear mixed with hate is a dangerious mix. How people oppose this is a matter of individual choice.

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