KDE neon User Edition 5.6

Polishing is important but after a while you need to put a fork in it and decide it’s done and so we’ve announced KDE neon User Edition 5.6, our first edition which we advocate for our target audience.

  • Someone who relishes frequent updates of features
  • Someone who cares what software is on their desktop and is a fan or curious about KDE software

If that’s you, give it a go.

There’s some known issues in it, many of them fixed in Plasma 5.7 which will come out next month.

And we still have lots of ideas for ways to improve it. But the beauty of a continuous integration system is those ideas will be available as soon as they’re implemented.

We don’t test or advise adding the repo to an existing Ubuntu install, although I expect it’ll work, no sympathy if it doesn’t 🙂

It’s a really exciting chapter in the evolution of KDE, a community who’s projects get continuously wider in scope, now there’s a way to get KDE’s software immediately.

Swapnil has the scoop on CIO.com.

With the infrastructure up and running the next step is to add KDE Applications to the build servers, I’ve started with the most important one first and kteatime is now available to install.


8 Replies to “KDE neon User Edition 5.6”

  1. KDE Neon is really great! I’ve been trying it out almost since dev edition was announced ’cause I’m one of those avid for bleeding edge features.

    However, as User edition’s got announced, I tried a fresh install by the end of last month, only to realize it was then based on Ubuntu Xenial, that sadly broke support for fglrx and then setup for R9 270 was misbehaving (I can’t recall correctly if I was always getting blank screen and got to make it show something only in Safe Mode but with resolution messed up — or maybe I got a blue boot screen in normal mode but got nowhere from there, can’t really say it right now).

    Ended up returning to Kubuntu Wily with PPAs to get Plasma 5.5.4 and fglrx. =(

    Am I right by thinking I’ll only get a new bite of this delightful candy when AMD releases their hybrid dirver for that card or am I missing something?

    Still, thank you guys for the initiative! It is (and was, for that short while of mine) quite a great scratch of an itch for fresh KDE stuff! =D

  2. Hello,
    just installed, looks really good. Like that it does not come with tons of pre-installed application.
    But i have a problem, i installed Neon in my local language (de) but now i have a funny mix of en and de in some application, e.g. in Dolphin. Which language package should i install to get a clean localized KDE-Neon? languag-pack-kde-de seems to be the wrong package, tool old.

  3. So glad this is now an option, thanks for making it all happen JR, really appreciated!

    1. Dunno I’ve never used Manjaro. We don’t use Arch linux and we have a solid foundation and we don’t add our own theme to Plasma are some differences I can see.

  4. Hello,

    I’m using kde-neon user Edition 5.6 for 2 month. I had to install it twice, because I got a a dependency error after 1 week of use (after an upgrade, of course).
    Now I have the same problem again. Upgrading fail because of plasma-desktop-data (4:5.6.5-0neon+16.04+build9) that can’t replace plasma-desktop-data (4:5.6.5-0neon+16.04+build8), because it has a common file with kde-10ln-fr (kcm_activities.mo)…
    I tried to force the upgrade again, but I can’t fix the problem… So I will have to re-install again…

    But I want to give kde-neon a last chance, because despite of thous dependencies errors, I like the idea about being always up to date with my KDE environment. And now 5.6 user Edition is now called polished and stable… So we will see!

    I still have a question : You say that 5.7 Edition is coming next month. Will it replace my 5.6 automatically when available with apt-get upgrade, or does it need to re-install everything ?

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