Test Out Plasma 5.7 Beta with KDE Neon Developer Edition Git-Stable Branch

The gears have been churning away and Plasma 5.7 beta is out for testing.  But what’s that I hear? How can you test it?

Why with KDE Neon Developer Edition Git-Stable Branches of course, until now the little sister of Git-Unstable Branch variant, it comes into its own when you need to test betas such as this.

Grab the ISO, install it (on virtual machine or real hardware as you please) and find issues to report to the Plasma team.


5 Replies to “Test Out Plasma 5.7 Beta with KDE Neon Developer Edition Git-Stable Branch”

    1. stable branches get no new features on only bug fixes, releases are made from these branches. unstable branches get new features.

  1. Hi,

    I use the unstable branch for my plasma commits in a VM it works since 2 mounths quite good (better than expacted) you can install the unstable branch and see what happens in master 1 or 2 days after it was pushed to master. this was a big benefit for my workflow when I’d like to check usability and design stuff.

    @Jonathan will stable stay at the beta with bug fixes. Cause I’d like to test the beta and not master and therefore I’d like to know if stable stay at beta.

    1. Neon stable branches uses whatever KDE marks as stable branches which are Plasma/5.7 until 5.8 beta is out. So yes it will stay beta.

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