Neon News: Frameworks 5.25, Kontact in Dev Editions, Maui bases on Neon

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Things move fast in the land of Neon light.

Today KDE Frameworks 5.25 was added to Neon User edition.  KDE’s selection of Qt addon libraries gets released every month and this update comes with a bunch of fixes.

Finally Kontact has built in Developer Editions, apologies to those who had a half installed build for a while, you should now be able to install all of KDE PIM and get your e-mail/calendar/notes/feed reader/a load of other bits.  Suggestions now taken for what I should add next to Neon builds.

And in free software you are nobody until somebody bases their project off yours.  Yesterday Maui Linux released its new version based off KDE neon.  Maui was previously the distro used for Hawaii Qt Desktop but now it’s Plasma all the way and comes from the Netrunner team with a bunch of customisations for those who don’t appreciate Neon’s minimalist default install.

Maui Linux based off Neon
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  1. That’s wonderful news, thanks for your work!

    > Suggestions now taken for what I should add next to Neon builds.

    In this case, I would strongly suggest the new digikam 5 🙂

  2. Wow, I might even give a spin to Maui.
    As for suggestion: I’ve seen that finally there is some KF5 porting work happening for k3b. Many users probably use ultrabooks, but many others use laptops and desktops, so a good burning app would be welcome.

    1. My burners have been collecting dust for years. I’d love to see Amarok ported, but the whole project seems quite dead (it’s not even migrated to Qt5 and hasn’t see 20 commits this year). Seems to happen to programs I like to use…

  3. DigiKam 5.x and Krita 3.x – pretty please with ice cream, cream, chocolate sauce, a cherry and sprinkles on top!

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