In the Mansion House

Here is deepest Padania a 4 story mansion provides winter cover to KDE developers working to free your computers.

I woke up this morning and decided I liked it

The mansion keeps a close lock on the important stuff

The pool room has a table with no pockets, it must be posh

Front door

The not so important stuff

Jens will not open the borgen to the Danish

David prefers Flappy Birds to 1000€ renaissance painting

Engineers fail to implement continuous integration

Bring on the 7 course meal!

In the basement Smaug admires the view

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2 thoughts on “In the Mansion House”

  1. Well, the “Pool”-Room apparently only has a Carom billiards table, so not a Pool Room at all ;). Otherwise: Happy Hacking, and don’t drink all of the scotch at once :D.

  2. And by KDE developers you mean Blue Systems employees, don’t make try to make this pass as a KDE sprint, because it’s clearly not.

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