Guest Blog: Dolphin Survey

Guest Blog for Arnav Dhamija, first year computer science undergraduate at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus.


Hey everyone, I am a first year undergraduate student at the university and I have an idea I want to use for the GSoC with KDE to make Dolphin an even better file manager. My project idea revolves around making file selections from multiple directory trees as easy as possible.

A full description of my project can be found here:

And the user survey link for features and usability improvements can be found here:

TIA for the feedback : )

4 Replies to “Guest Blog: Dolphin Survey”

  1. Nothing constructive here but I just love this idea, especially if it is possible to share file selections with other KDE apps.

    Cheers and good luck

  2. You can already use tags to mark files from multiple directory trees.
    e.g. Open tags://scratchpad in split view, drop some files there, use them somewhere else.
    Not all file operations currently (v4.14.3) work like expected though (like move, delete).

    And there was great (imho) idea about Klipper and Dolphin integration:

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