Maisie MacKenzie the Morningside Cat

I’ve always had a secret desire for Maisie MacKenzie the Morningside Cat. That lovely smile, the red hair, just the name is enough to make anyone agree she’s the sort of lass you should get to know. The Internet doesn’t know very much about my other favourite country teuchter but Eilidh bought me a couple of Maisie posters from the bookshop in Morningside, so here they are.

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  1. Hi does anyone kow if you can buy maisie mac on video or dvd would be greatful if anyone could let me know thanx malc .

  2. Hi, I`m looking also for the videos or DVD of Maisie Mac. If you already know where to find then. Please let me know.
    Best regard,

  3. I think your picture is very cool and cute and really coulorful and I have a cat and she is really cute!

  4. Hi Jonathan, I’ve just ordered it from on VHS. It’s just been released on video (no sign of DVD at all!) Including postage it has cost less than £8! Just the thing for “Daddies wee tattie scone”! Hope this helps, Colin (aged 46!)

  5. Hi Jonathan. My hubby and I got a little kitty last year and named her Maisie after Maisie from Morningside. But….we could not believe it when we re-read one of our Maisie books recently and realised that her surname was Mackenzie, and so is ours!!! Oor Maisie lives in Melbourne and likes it very much.
    P.S. You can buy a Maisie teddy, complete with kilt and an arran jumper with her name embroidered on it, from Jenners in Edinburgh (my mother in law sent us one)- very cute!

  6. I adore Maisie Mac and used to watch it a few years ago on TV with my (then) two children. I taped it as it was so brilliant. Full of charm and wit and originality- do you remember Mrs’ M…, the neighbour’s macaroooons? (What was her name?_
    I’ve looked on Amazon and they don’t seem to have even a video of it any more! Does anyone know where I could get one?

  7. I have never seen the show, but read all the books as a child. In fact, I don’t know if I would want to see the show, it might ruin it!

  8. Did you know that Aileen Paterson the author hasn’t recieved any royalities from her eighteen books for the past three years. Turn out she had a dodgy publisher. A disgrace if you ask me. Buy second hand!!!!

  9. Hi, Aileen’s daughter here. Can confirm the ‘dodgy publisher’ bit. New Maisie website coming soon!
    Thanks for all the great comments on mother’s work.

  10. I used to get these books read to me every night when I was younger I was doing some research on the author Aileen Paterson. I was in the National scottish Museum and I saw the soft toy it did not look anything like it should have done the eyes are all wrong.

  11. So many memories!
    My mother bought me the first 4 books on a holiday to Scotland when I was about 3 {now 27}, back when they were the original Byways Bairns publications. I wore those books out {still have them}, and finally had to buy new ones about 10 years ago {Three Hills Books}, which started me collecting all the subsequent stories. Even got “Spook’s Edinburgh”.

    I didn’t watch “Meeow” {such a shame it was too late to call it “Maisie”}, as I feared spoiling the joy of the books.

    I adore Aileen’s illustrations, and it was her books that made me decide I wanted to draw!
    One thing that would make them perfect would be if I could get my books signed by Aileen, but I haven’t been to Scotland in a very long time, and it’s unlikely I would get to meet her.

    Anyway, when I have children, these books will be first on the bookshelf!

    @ Siobhan Paterson :
    Is there any way to write to your mother? I know her last two books were published directly by The Botanic Gardens, so not sure about publisher contact. It would mean a lot to me to be able to tell her just how special her books have been through my life.

  12. I am a primary school teacher and our topic next term is Maisie!! I have the books in our library corner but wondered if there are any tapes or dvds of Maisie. I googled it but nothing seems to come up for Maisie at all!! I am struggling for resources. Any ideas?

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