Olympic Slalom Course

This is the canoe slalom course in Athens for the Olympics. It looks exceedingly nice, I think I can even see a conveyer belt going from the bottom to the top to bring paddlers back up. I would be happy to have the French build one in my back garden if I had to promise to give them a gold medal or two in return.

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  1. They were meant to be building a white water run at Strathclyde park, Strathclyde University canoe club raised some cash to help with the feasibility study. It all seems to have quietly faded away of course. Last I heard they were doing tests to find out which was the cleaner water source, the Clyde or Strathclyde Loch. Scarily it was the Loch that won that test.

  2. Hello, we are currently students undertaking the design of a conoe slalem course and would be grateful for any information you may see relevant that could aid us. It would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time

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