Skyride at Ratho Adventure Centre

For my birthday my family went to the Ratho Adventure Centre a very impressive and large climbing centre built on two sides of a quarry. Sadly they don’t actually let you in to do any climbing unless you can pass a test, possibly why they’re going bust. This skyride assault course is fun though.

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  1. Dear Jonathan,

    Did you ever stop to consider that by not allowing you to freeclimb up a 30m wall perhaps the centre had your saftey in mind? Also the centre has been out of receivership for the past 4 months and therefore is not “going bust.” Indeed if you had so wished, you could have freely signed the disclaimer stating that you knew what you where doing and could have used the bouldering walls at your own risk, just as anyone else can do.

    Would you expect to be allowed to drive a raleigh car round Knockhill if you could not drive a car?

    It would be both time consuming and expensive for the centre to supply instructors to train people to climb on spec, however they do allow you to book lessons or longer start up sessions should you have a real desire to take up the sport. The centre has been classed as a world centre of excelence for the sport, it is not a jungle gym where crash mats will be provided and people may participate at will. The centre has taken a strict line for a reason, climbing is a dangerous sport and as such they provide training for those who want to pay for it.

    The Skyride has been conceived because of a desire to provide an activity for those who are not experienced climbers. I do not understand the mentality of people who complin that they cannot use the entire centre. Are you able to use every facility in any leisure centre? NO Ratho is not a bog standard leisure facility, it is a high class centre of excelence for climbing and says this on all advertising literature so why get mad when you have clearly misread what the centre is used for.

  2. Just been to the Centre, it’s fantastic. used the Skyride. I will try climbing with the kids when we can do some training. Looking forward to it. Great facilities, lovely & clean, staff very friendly & great with fearties (not me you understand!). Will be interested to see what the empty suites will be used for. Best of luck!

  3. The fact remains the place went BUST in the first case for a reason, and very quickly too. Its quiet as a grave most of the time unfortunately. This could be improved if the prices weren’t so ludicrous (and yes, I know it was an expensive facility to built, what’s your point?) and the staff a little more friendly.

    Fantastic facilities, but a let down in so many other ways. Crying shame.

  4. And you would know the exact reason it went butst would you? I think not!

  5. I think it is a lovly place and very fun. the sky ride looks really good but, i haven`t had a go of it yet but, i`m hoping I will. best of luck.

  6. And you would Know the exact reasonit went butst would you? I think not!

  7. it looks like there is a minnie war going on here i have not visited the centre yet but hope to see for my self whats itslike

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