Today I flew for 24 hours from Edinburgh down the west coast of Britain (no idea why but that’s what the wee TV screen showed) to London. At Heathrow I had to run across the terminal to get a bus to terminal 4 then run to the gate where they said “take a seat please Mr Riddell” and kept me waiting for 10 minutes while they decided if I would be allowed on with the improper ticket Edinburgh Airport had given me. Fortunately they did and I flew across Europe and central Asia, India then down Malaysia into Singapore Airport which is well conditioned for the 15 minute stop I got to make. Then over the beautiful seas and rainforests of Indonesia and on to the desert of Australia which is about the biggest thing I’ve ever seen and goes on for hours and hours with a really picture perfect sun set.

Inflight films: Leminy Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate events, very good light entertainment; Hotel Rwanda, should be required viewing for the whole planet.

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