Exodus, Numbers

After Genisis (the book where God decides to drown the entire population of the planet except for one family) things turn a bit nasty as God gets dictatorial (lots of commandments, and “cursed is he who..”), homophobic (I checked that up, the book I’m reading puts that sentence in suspiciously stronger language than the King James Bible) and racist with his “chosen people” who march around the Middle East waging war against nations ansd taking over the riches of other’s land. Suspiciously similar to current day politics infact.

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  1. The Question needs to be asked is not “Why does God allow war?” but rather”Why does God not allow the world to destroy itself entirely in its iniquity and its sin? Why does He in His restraining grace set a limit to evil and to sin, and a bound beyond which they cannot pass?”Oh, amazing patience of God with this sinful world! How wondrous is He love! He has sent the Son of His love to our world to die for us and to save us:and because men cannot and will not see this,He permits and allows such things as war to chastise and to punish us:to teach us, and to convict us of our sins: and ,above all, to call us to repentance and acceptance of His gracious offer.The vital question for us therefore is not to ask,”Why does God allow war?”The question for us is to make sure that we are learning the lesson,and repenting before God for the sin in our own hearts,and in the entire human race,which leads to such results.

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