Diss to a Haggis

The sad thing about Burns night is how few people are willing to even read out a poem. It’s only once a year for goodness sakes! But at my Burns’ Supper last night Alex got into the mood by writing his own response to Address to a Haggis.

M.C. Haggis

Yo haggis, what.
We ain't down wit yo
Fat ma'am
Jinxin' wit yo butler

Dat meat free brethren,
He be solid
Jolly good.

I say!
Haggis, what?
Gonna take you out
For trout
Ain't no doubt, yo
We is gonna make you pay

I say!
Nigella ain't gonna do you
Cuz you is lilly-livered
Your homosexual tendencies
We ain't missin'
Stiff upper lip,
An' you take this dissin!

One Reply to “Diss to a Haggis”

  1. Yay for Alex! What is the world coming to though when you have to rely on a welshman on Burns night for poetry?

    Trying to work out the ethics of importing veggie haggis… it would seriously stuff up my attempts to keep the food miles down but that and Engine Shed smoked tofu are the only foods I can’t get decent replacements for down here =(

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