Tipton: Vote Against Racism

Tipton has a problem with racism. Racism is not acceptable and as a resident of Tipton you should work to get rid of it. Racist and fascist graffiti is common around Tipton, if you see it you should remove it. But here is something simpler you can do:

There is an election in Sandwell on May 3rd. Last year Labour lost three seats and the xenophobic BNP party won 3 seats. See the BBC results page for Sandwell 2006 election. Use your vote on May 3rd for a party which is not racist. You have until April 18th to register to vote, see aboutmyvote for details.

Sandwell is a key area for the BNP in this years elections. With only 1/3rd of voters taking part in the elections last year it is easy to defeat them by simply using your vote and urging your friends and neighbours to use theirs.

Don’t accept racism in Tipton. Vote on May 3rd.

Not acceptable (and not just because of the spelling) Much nicer

7 Replies to “Tipton: Vote Against Racism”

  1. What makes Johnathan Riddle think the BNP is xenophobic? The fact of not wanting Muslims, Negros etc in the UK does not mean BNP members hate the latter. Do those people who don’t want daffodils or pansies in their garden necessarily “hate” daffodils or pansies?

  2. What you should be against is the fact that half of these people in tipton are immature, juvenile malicious people who get off annoying and bullying people. So are the police doing anything. In my experience with them NO they have allowed the slander and bullying. You wonder why there are so many murders etc happening. Do you think these kids have caused it. I Do. Plus that comment is the truth I have been unemployed for 3 years know. Have they.

  3. Tipton is full of racists, a deep rooted racism that goes back generations and is bred into the younger generations by their parents. Expect nothing less from such a deprived area, huge numbers of the residents settling for a life on benefits or on the sick due to mental health issues. It’s the council estates where this racism is really experienced with young chavs looking up to organisations like the edl and bnp. They see Asians doing well for themselves which really burns these young chavs and their parents inside. I cannot wait to escape this racist dump.

    1. Labeling people the way you have is pretty bigoted, don’t you think? You expect nothing but racism and a life on benefits, simply on account of where one is born and bred; both of which are fallacy as there are many decent, hard-working and genuinely ill people in this town. And if you want to talk about actual racism? Are you familiar with the Park Lane area? The racism against white people going about their lawful business, prior to the 911 arrests? Do you think the likes of the BBC, METRO and Guardian would champion the plight of the innocent white people being called “white bastard” simply on account of the colour of the skin? Yes, there are indeed white racists in Tipton – but if you think for a second they’re the only narrow-minded imbeciles you are extremely deluded, in my opinion. Peace.

  4. I take it you know who scrawled the ‘immigrants steel jobs’ message? Or did you simply assume?

    1. I’ve no idea, it was an example of the racist graffiti in Tipton in 2007 which I removed. It supports what I say and should be removed, which I did.

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