Saw some Shakespear recently. Jean-Luc Piccard (or Patrick Stewart) played Macbeth and somehow made it much more interesting than it was at school (apologies to Harry Quinn).

Then we saw The Winters Tale which isn’t performed often in Scotland according to the programme. There’s probably a good reason, only Shakespear can get away with an ending along the lines of “oh The Queen hasn’t been dead for 20 years, she’s just been sleeping”.

Finally A Midsummer Nights Dream by The Footsbarn Travelling Theatre which was the best of the three and had masks (it was part of the Stourbridge Mask Festival, amazing things happen in Englandshire). You have to be quite devoted to acting to buy a field in France and set up a travelling theatre company. Even the children weren’t too fidgety, which is impressive for a Shakespear play without an interval.