Home Early

I had an accident on Guadeloupe’s roads and spent some days in hospital. I don’t have a memory of the incident which means I’ll never know for sure what the cause of it was. The hospital looked after me as they would with any A&E victim then sent me home. They gave me a scan but they sent me home with the results which I then left in a taxi so I don’t know what they discovered there. The polis initially wanted me to stay for alcohol testing but then let me go home with my dad. So I took a quickly booked flight throught Paris back to Edinburgh. I’ve since been told thay my eyes are a bit of of line and I need to have one covered until it recovers. A shame since I’ll never get more into wave ski now or surf ski or exploring more of the mangroves. I need plenty of rest to recover and to gently get back into Kubuntu usefulness. Goodbye French Guadeloupe, I’ll miss you.

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  1. You may very well have the opportunity then to be the next Neruda: heart breaking the way you say it. I dare say you will have another opportunity for more adventures and that there are more than a few who are happy to have you home for Christmas… Even if you’d rather not be.

  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear of your accident. Maybe see you in town sometime.

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