Kubuntu Beta 2 is Out

Kubuntu Vivid Beta 2 is out.  This is the first major distro to ship with Plasma 5 so it’ll be the first time many people get to see our lovely new desktop.  Scary.

We have 24 bugs I’ve milestoned and 1 month to go until release, let’s see how low we can go.  Many of the bugs are easy enough to fix and just need twiddling the bits in the packaging.  Some are more complex.  If you want to help out come and join us in #kubuntu-devel we’d appreciate just testing the ISOs for sanity.

Alas upgrade from 14.10 is currently broken due to a bug which is probably in apt , fix soon I hope.

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  1. What about Arch Linux? They have been shipping Plasma 5 for at least two months…

    1. “first major distro” for some definition of major. I tried an arch linux image and it just gave me a command line.

  2. I (and others!) have been getting constant and seemingly random breakage where it logs in to a black screen with compositing enabled and no way to access programs. I’m on Ivybridge hardware, including graphics. Otherwise it seemed usable aside from that major Dolphin bug where adding to Places is never remembered.

  3. whatever kded5 is doing after this update of today – make it unhappen.

    After a few minutes using KUbuntu, it immediately grabs a few gig of memory, gets my system swapping until the swap is reached and crashes (all of my systems).

    Ain’t even enough time to do a bug report, since the sys crashes within 2-3 minutes.

      1. Interesting part: it’s only when updating (I updated since alpha), a fresh install works.

        I’ll keep tracking the bug, thanks (I still have one broken and one “fresh” machine).

        1. PS: Still have this isue, 7 hours later using the main mirror… no idea why.

          1. Did copy the .deb over from the fresh installed to the other system – now works. Very interesting, using the main server I’d guess I should have gotten the update. Well, anyway, thanks for the fast fix :).

  4. Hi,
    I timed the startup of Kubuntu from grub right until I could click on the (K) button to launch applications. It takes a good 2 minutes!
    To be fair, I shouldn’t say Kubuntu because i’ve noticed this slow plasma 5.x startup on Arch-, Fedora- and even Gentoo-based distributions.
    Now, my laptop is fairly well powered in terms of CPU and RAM so its not the hardware for sure.
    It would be interesting to know what goes on ‘behind-the-scenes’ between the time I enter my password to login on sddm screen and the full desktop has loaded. Is there a tool that can show this?
    Also, a humble suggestion from KDE-only user: Change the name of plasmashell to something else … each time I have to kill it manually and relaunch it, I end up reading it as plasma’s hell! No seriously. 🙂
    On the plus side, the look and feel of plasma 5.x is fantastic and we finally have a usable dark theme (my default now is breeze dark).

    Thanks for listening.


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