Plasma 5.4 Kicked Off

I just closed the Plasma 5.4 kickoff meeting. It was well attended with lots of Plasma devs and VDG members there. Here’s the minutes.

The To Do board [public link] has been updated with a load of new cards.

If you’re looking for a way to join the team of beautiful desktop developers (you can read that both ways and be correct) there’s plenty to do now.  For example the VDG have written a nice design document on System Settings which they need someone to help implement.

Plasma 5.4 is scheduled for August, it’ll be a great addition to Kubuntu 15.10.


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  1. So, we will not have to wait until 15.10, nice 🙂

    Something was said about Wayland? Support for clients is still planned for Plasma 5.4 right?

  2. None of the below ten highlighted Desktop Environments (DE) have ever been seem in public on their Optimal, Minimal, nor expert-user setups. These ten are all much more capable than is usually known, without any third-party add-ons.

    KDE is battling for mindspace with about 28 other desktop environments. According to Distrowatch, one hundred & one (101) distros are based on KDE. Of course, this is not true, since Distrowatch’s definition of “Live” and acceptable has deliberately left out many other Linux-type distributions.

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    LXQt – 2

    The above numbers were true at the time I posted this.

  3. Please do not abandon us again, like Canonical did with Unity’s desktop users.

    Also, if Mir is still in beta or alpha mode, please allow us to stay with X, or use Wayland.

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