Ubuntu Online Summit | ubuntu-community-team mailing list

Ubuntu Online Summit is starting today and Kubuntu have shuffled about their timezones in an attempt to fit in.  Tomorrow we have two sessions, at 18:00UTC we have the Plasma 5 demo showing the lovely new desktop we are using.  An hour later at 19:00UTC we have Kubuntu Kickoff to discuss the To Do items for the next cycle.  You can join in on the IRC channel and at some point we’ll work out how to invite people to the Google hangout.

Every community needs a way to discuss itself but until recently the Ubuntu community has lacked one, especially after the end of Ubuntu Developer Summit meetings.  The ubuntu-community-team list was set up to provide that and I encourage all Ubuntu members to join it.  Currently there’s a heated discussion about an incompatibility in Canonical’s IP policy with the Ubuntu promise, you don’t want to miss it.