Akademy A Coruña Photos

HJensSaturday lunch Lunch Time

Smart Tech and Sensible Tech

Jens describes Skittles and Doritos

Akademy team The wonderful organising team! Akademy Award winners

Elite Kubuntu developer Scarlett wins an Akademy Award! Developerymobil

Sebas shows off Plasma Mobile phone with a look that suggests he wants world domination by next year

akademy2015Group photo IMG_6485

hacking area

IMG_6450GCompris demos, ooh la la IMG_5992

The opening ceremony to remember absent friends

2 Replies to “Akademy A Coruña Photos”

  1. hey JR.
    great photos.
    i showed the big group one to my dad and told him ‘these are the people who make the desktop youve been using for the past 7-8yrs’. he made it the wallpaper on one of his four virtual desktops.
    it was great this year how quickly the videos were up online (im about 65% of the way through them), the audio quality was muuuuch better this year !!!
    it really helped feel connected with Akademy this year.

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