Muon in Need of a Maintainer

Muon, the Apt package installer UI is in need of a maintainer.  It has been split out from Discover and Updater which are application focused and to some extent work with multiple backends.  Muon is package focused and covers the surprisingly important use case of technical users who care about libraries and package versions but don’t want to use a command line.  It’ll probably move to unmaintained unless anyone wants to keep an eye on it so speak up now if you want to help out.

5 Replies to “Muon in Need of a Maintainer”

  1. Sign me up if nobody else wants it; I’m only barely a programmer and have written but a handful of GUI applications in my day (and only one Qt C++ app that actually ships out as a real product, a frontend for some otherwise braindead tools for clients at my current job) and as far as packaging goes I’ve manually created DEBs before but really don’t know how the real best-practices go, so I’m by no means a top-tier candidate. But, I believe I could muddle through and be better than no maintainer at all!

    Although I do the majority of my package management in the command line, a large minority of it is nonetheless via Muon, and I’ve long loved it as a nice Qt GUI for apt, so I’d hate to see it drop to being an unmaintained package.

    So to what degree is it risking becoming unmaintained? IE is the upstream codebase still being developed but the *buntu package and/or Debian package is going to be unmaintained? Or is there nobody who’s likely to be keeping up on it at any level?

    Again, I’m sure there are more qualified people out there, but if nobody can spare the time and energy I’m definitely willing to try. I’m lurking all the time on #kubuntu and #kubuntu-devel as “keithzg”, which is also my gmail address.

  2. I find Muon great. How/where do I start? In all honesty have not written hard code since 90-s but am itching for the challenge. This looks just like what could get me going again

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