KDE neon Website Now Live

KDE  neon website is now live.

Serving the freshest packages of KDE software.  Developers’ archive with packages built from KDE Git available now, stable archive with packages built from released tars coming soon.

Launch party tonight in La Paon, Grand Place, Brussels


(Under a .uk domain name until we finish the KDE incubation process.)

4 Replies to “KDE neon Website Now Live”

  1. This is excellent because fuck Canonical and their SJW councils. And we need more KDE-focused projects because it’s really the only DE worthy of old school Linux.

    1. Well then, you’re looking at the wrong distribution. Fundamentally, this is Ubuntu with some stuff thrown on top. Using this distribution would be supporting “Canonical and their SJW councils”.

      There’s plenty of KDE focused projects: Mageia, Fedora KDE, and openSUSE are distributions that come to mind with excellent KDE support (that is, KDE is a first class citizen and can block a release from going out).

  2. The website is really clean and polished! I wish the top level kde.org would also have the same layout (especially the menus!)

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