KDE neon Comes Alive!

We’ve been working hard at KDE neon HQ to get the project going and today I’m pleased to say the Developer Unstable package archive is up and running. This gives daily packages of KDE Frameworks and Plasma desktop built direct from Git master branches. Expect some breakage, it’s called unstable for a reason. Ideal for testers and contributors to these two projects. To install it you’ll need an install of *buntu 15.10 (wily) and follow the Package Upgrade instructions.

In fact we already had some breakage where some packages sneaked in with larger version numbers than they should have, if you installed packages last week you’ll need to remove them and reinstall. Harald added some cleverness to stop this happening in future.

apt remove plasma-framework libkf5plasma5 libkf5plasmaquick5 libkf5solid5 libkf5solid5-data libkf5sonnet5-data libkf5sonnetcore5 libkf5sonnetui5 libkf5threadweaver5 qml-module-org-kde-solid qtdeclarative-kf5solid sonnet-plugins
apt install neon-desktop

(This will also remove applications has neon has no KDE applications yet, just apt install dolphin konsole and anything else you want.)

Coming soon in no particular order… Developer Stable packages built from Git stable branches, User Stable packages built from released apps, KDE Applications packages and installable images.

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  1. Mr Riddell:

    Thank you for your efforts and those of the KDE Neon Team. A stable Ubuntu base with a current Plasma 5 desktop and and up-to-date KDE Application stack has been a long time dream of mine. If all goes well, I hope to make your 16.04 based stable-image my default recommendation for migrating friends/family. Keep up the good work.


    1. Kubuntu is the new Kubuntu! We’re working hard right now to perfect the LTS 16.04.

      Neon builds on top of Kubuntu right now, with packages straight from git. Kubuntu will never do that; we don’t release until humans test successfully. For those who want to test the latest without building from git themselves, neon is perfect!

      1. Thank you very much Valorie, now I see the differences between the two projects. Your work is very appreciated!

  2. Your apt remove seems… wrong… I’ve got a really borked desktop, missing icons, kmenu missing qml, but if I try remove that set first it gives

    E: Unable to locate package qtdeclarative-kf5solid

    Then if I remove just that one it wants to uninstall a load of stuff but then install a whole host of gnome/unity dependancies…

    Yes I too hastily jumped on Neon 😉 should have waited for user stable. Sigh. Really looking forward to this project though 🙂

  3. Do you have a ballpark estimation (that you can share) of when we can hope to expect the stable packages?
    I mostly use KDE @work these days and unstable/developer version just won’t cut it.

    I appreciate the work, btw.

  4. Download page has been three weeks that will soon be available for download. How soon? Do not wait for others three weeks? At least, I think that does not have any more soon …

    1. No timescale I’m afraid, it’ll be ready when it’s ready

  5. I finally fixed mine, took your package list as a queue and figured they were not being updated to the newer versions. I listed them out with dpkg -l …. and then for each one did an apt-show-versions -a

    Eventually this list is what got me onto the correct neon versions.

    sudo apt install libkf5plasma5:amd64=5.18.0+git20160303.0012+15.10-0 libkf5plasmaquick5:amd64=5.18.0+git20160303.0012+15.10-0 libkf5solid5:amd64=5.18.0+git20160222.1539+15.10-0 libkf5solid5-data=5.18.0+git20160222.1539+15.10-0 libkf5sonnet5-data:all=5.18.0+git20160304.0001+15.10-0 libkf5sonnetcore5:amd64=5.18.0+git20160304.0001+15.10-0 libkf5sonnetui5:amd64=5.18.0+git20160304.0001+15.10-0 plasma-framework:amd64=5.18.0+git20160303.0012+15.10-0 qml-module-org-kde-solid:amd64=5.18.0+git20160222.1539+15.10-0 sonnet-plugins:amd64=5.18.0+git20160304.0001+15.10-0 libkf5threadweaver5:amd64=5.18.0+git20160222.1532+15.10-0

    I asked if I wanted to downgrade (despite an actual higher version). Once it did that and a logout and back in and happy days again 🙂

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