Wayland Image Updated

My image for testing Wayland has had an update.

This includes the latest sources from Git master with KWin providing the Wayland compositor and built from a mix of Neon/Ubuntu/Kubuntu packages.

It’s full of obvious bugs for you to hunt down and help fix.  It’s not at all ready for every day use.

The KDE Plasma team is distribution agnostic which is described in this quote from the KDE neon FAQ,

“KDE believes it is important to work with many distributions, as each brings unique value and expertise for their respective users”.


4 Replies to “Wayland Image Updated”

  1. Hi,
    with which user and password can i log into the desktop?
    I could not find that information in your blogpost.


    1. username is ubuntu and password is empty

      but it will login automatically, if you’re getting to the login screen it means something is wrong. Note it doesn’t work in Virtualbox so maybe you’re trying that, alas it doesn’t support Wayland yet

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