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Since it’s announcement KDE neon has had some pleasingly positive press coverage (and one not so positive).

First off was Swapnil’s article on CIO.com Jonathan Riddell to announce project Neon at FOSDEM

On the Rio Noguera Palasera in sunny Catalunya I learned freestyle kayak by surfing against the current on a standing wave and realized we should go to the source. Upstream is where the beauty comes from so working upstream is where we should be.

Not the force it once was but still a badge of achievement, Slashdot covered it Project Neon Will Bring Users Up-to-Date KDE Packages
KDE neon is a project to give KDE users and contributors a way to get KDE’s desktop software while it’s still fresh

I gave a talk at FOSDEM and the video is up.

For video podcast views with chatty Americans I did an interview for the Linux Action Show (start 37 minutes in).

And for English audio podcast polite chat with tea and biscuits I did an interview for Linux Luddites.

I also gave an interview to Hacker Public Radio podcast at FOSDEM.

Even Bryan “Terrible Idea” Lunduke gets a ribbing on his podcast Bad Voltage.


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  1. Is there a website for neon yet? and is there a dedicated iso or is it still currently kubuntu + ppa?

  2. Hi Jonathan.
    In the “Get neon section” you suggest using Rosa image writer. I’m sure it’s fine software, but downloading it from a russian wiki over a non-encrypted/non-verified connection is too much for me considering the privacy war that is going on at the moment.

    1. Pascal, great comment! Jon said he is contacting Rosa about becoming a KDE project, which includes secure code-hosting and other supportive infrastructure. So we’ll hope they moved to something more secure.

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