Scottish Conservative Manifesto

Quite a wordy one this.  Interesting for admitting defeat before the election and going to largest opposition party rather than government.  Very personality led with lots of photos of Ruth Davidson throughout as well as some of the other better looking candidates, I guess it worked for the SNP well enough.

But nothing very interesting in the text.  They’ll charge for university and prescriptions are the headline grabbers in return for helping colleges.

Some interesting critisism of SNP failure on an IT system for farm subsidy payments, 100million on a failed computer system is something I must have missed the headlines of reading The National.  A mention for a study to look at re-opening the Edinburgh South Suburban line (I presume it’s not very clear). Otherwise I found little of interest, just the usual stuff about funding the NHS and getting children to read which it’s hard to argue against but is hardly unique.  The candidate is someone called Miles Briggs who seems not very prominent on the internet nor very interesting based on a video interview of him last year.