Vote Loony to Add K to the Welsh Language

There’s elections in Scotland and other countries of the UK next month and I’ve been writing blog posts on the various party manifestos as I work out who should run the country.

KDE has always had an adoption problem in Wales.  Elite hackers like Alan Cox and Dafydd Harries have been big supporters of Gnome and the main reason why is because Welsh doesn’t have a letter K, something KDE has always had an obscure fetish for.

Well no more, the Monster Raving Loony Party of Wales is standing on a platform to introduce the letter K into the Welsh language.  Please give your support to this worthy campaign which will allow KDE to at last make inroads into this most beautiful of countries.

Party Election Broadcast

3 Replies to “Vote Loony to Add K to the Welsh Language”

  1. Not sure if this post is serious or not. I mean: we haven’t the “k” in Italian alphabet too, but we use it everyday everywhere, because we use many English words since decades.

  2. We don’t have “K” in Chinese, either, but we have words for “desktop” and “environment”. So KDE is usually call it “K????”.

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