KDE neon User Edition Tech Preview

KDE neon User Edition Tech Preview is out now.

It’s a build of KDE neon using released software, our clever CI system watches download.kde.org for new releases such as Plasma 5.6.3 and packages them pronto.  If you want to use the latest released software, this is the way to do it.

It is built on a foundation of Ubuntu 16.04LTS and comes with Qt 5.5.

Please have a look at the known issues, there are still quite a few.

Then help out by filling in our testers questionnaire which asks for problems installing and running this build.

User support on Facebook group, G+ group, KDE Forums and Telegram group, links on neon.kde.org.

3 Replies to “KDE neon User Edition Tech Preview”

  1. I am running it now since released, and it’s better than I thought. Had some quirks in the beginning (filled the questionare), which was mostly about icons not being complete and/or ignored (especially no icon set after first boot, had to re-set it in systemsettings, which was strange).

    Since that it runs pretty nice. I could come to love with “older” base software, but “newer” kde software. Sadly, neon goes not beyond that. I’m often finding myself in need of some newer software (including boost, qt, clutter, sdl, certain mesa releases), so it very well could be – if neon sticks on the “only lts releases” thing that I’ll have to drop it (okay, not until 16.10 is released anyway :p).

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