KDE neon 5.7

When version numbers merge to a singularity we reach the perfection that is KDE neon 5.7.  Featuring the newly released Qt 5.7 and the freshly built KDE Plasma 5.7.

If you’re using KDE neon User Edition you can just update as normal.  Those who have yet to allow it to take over their computer can download the images to fix that pronto.

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  1. Last month i moved from Kubuntu 14.04 to KDE Neon on my business workstation. And i love it!
    Can you tell when KRDC is offically a part of Neon, it’s the one thing i really miss and require to work in my company’s enterprise environment.

  2. could you please provide a working version of kipi-plugins again? it really sucks that they are kept back just because of digikam…

    you could make it a choice of one or the other.. working kipi-plugins OR digikam… installing digikam removes the conflicting version… done..

  3. What is the purpose of this Distro compare to Kubuntu an its other KDE childrens ?

  4. To day i made a fresh install. All works very well. Kudos to developers!

  5. Nice. Fired up the LiveCD and really impressed. Really bare though. How do I install additional software? Is this just for demos?

    1. Hello Jazzoid. You can install additional software withsoftware center-Plasma Discover , or with command line.

      1. Cool, thanks. I found it. I was looking for Muon Discover. I have installed KDE Neon in the meantime and it’s cool. I love it

  6. Did someone tried to install QtCreator ? I get unresolved dependencies, so it’s impossible to install it 🙁
    All what I tried with Neon seems to work for me, bud sadly, I won’t use it if I can’t get QtCreator working 🙁

    1. I ve got the same issue (still) and today’s date is 17.10.2016 wth.

  7. I forgot essential : many thanks to the guys who worked to provide us the latest KDE on such a distro =)

  8. Lo siento soy de sud america e instalado KDE Neon 5.6 pero creo que KDE Neon necesita de las siguientes aplicaciones: administrador de archivos, libreoffice, lector pdf, visor de imagenes, captura de pantalla, navegador web, reproductores multimedia mp3 mp4, editor de texto, copiador de CD DVD, como base para el uso diario y para un usuario nuevo en linux, como hace Linux Mint con sus distribuciones. Creo que sud america es un opcion potencial para fortalecer Open Source y las licencias GPL, gracias.

    1. Hay Dolpin por los archivos, uso Google docs por oficins, espero en Okular con Frameworks 5 por PDF, hay Spectacle por captura pantalla, hay gwenview por los imagenes, hay firefox por web, vlc por mp3/mp4, kate por texto, no USO DVDs pero puedes instalar K3b

  9. What is the difference btw neon-useredition-20160811-1018-amd64.iso and neon-useredition-current.iso?
    They both have the same date and size? I assume both are 64-bit as well.

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