KDevelop, Muon, Plasma 5.7.4

To celebrate the release of KDevelop 5 we’ve added KDevelop 5 to KDE neon User Edition.  Git Stable and Git Unstable builds are also in the relevant Developer Editions.

But wait.. that’s not all.. the package manager Muon seem to have a new maintainer so to celebrate we added builds in User Edition and Git Unstable Developer Edition.

Plasma 5.7.4 has been out for some time now so it’s well past time to get it into Neon, delayed by a move in infrastructure which caused the entire repository to rebuild.  All Plasma packages should be updated now in KDE neon User Edition.

Want to install it? The weekly User Edition ISO has been updated and looks lovely.

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  1. Great news. I like KDevelop. Any reason we can’t get an up to date QtCreator too (other than manpower)? It’s a great IDE for introducing people to Qt.

    1. It’s not part of KDE so it’s not a prority, you can download a static built from Qt directory. Nevertheless I’d like to add it sometime.

    1. Hello,

      Been wanting to try KDE Neon from the day I heard about the project as I thought it was a brilliant idea (up to date DE and its dependencies but with a stable base). I really wanted to show support for this, a) because it’s anyway great to try new paradigms in the world of linux distro b) because few people were bitching about it on the Internet and so developer of the project deserve to know some people LOVE the idea!
      I was distracted with manjaro-kde for a while (btw a pretty good rolling release distro I must say!) but I have now switched both my machines to neon and wanted to say big congrats to the dev team as it does very well what it says and I like how bare it comes leaving the user most choice over what software to install.
      …however on that point I have been facing the same problem as the last commenter with inconsistencies in muon search…which is a little problematic with a distro that comes quite bare (I personally use mostly command line mostly but it is still a little annoying) Search only sometime works when muon starts but then after a couple of searches or after installing or removing a package, search stops working. Sometime search doesn’t work at all (muon starts showing the main list but any search, even one letter, returns a blank screen).

      I tried to force rebuilding of apt-xapian-index and also tried changing permission in /var/cache/apt-xapian-index…but inconsistency remains.

      More than happy to help testing possible fixes or file a bug anywhere you think is relevant.

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