Plasma Wayland ISO Now Working on VirtualBox/virt-manager

I read that Neon Dev Edition Unstable Branches is moving to Plasma Wayland by default instead of X.  So I thought it a good time to check out this week’s Plasma Wayland ISO. Joy of joys it has gained the ability to work in VirtualBox and virt-manager since last I tried.  It’s full of flickers and Spectacle doesn’t take screenshots but it’s otherwise perfectly functional.  Very exciting 🙂


6 Replies to “Plasma Wayland ISO Now Working on VirtualBox/virt-manager”

  1. Maybe “very exciting” and “perfeclty funcional” but… not works 🙂

  2. I tried in virt-manager right now.

    I face two issues. The second one I would consider a nice-to-have:

    1. The mouse cursor is not visible at all
    2. The resolution seems to be fixed, and does not adapt to the size of the virt-viewer window.

    Apart of that all seems to work fine. Thanks for the hard work, I feel soon I can use the Wayland session of Plasma / KDE in prod.

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