KDE 1 neon LTS Released: 20 Years of Supporting Freedom

To celebrate KDE’s 20th birthday today, the great KDE developer Helio Castro has launched KDE 1, the ultimate in long term support software with a 20 year support period.

KDE neon has now, using the latest containerised continuous integration technologies released KDE1 neon Docker images for your friendly local devop to deploy.

Give it a shot with:

apt install docker xserver-xephyr
adduser <username> docker
<log out and in again>
Xephyr :1 -screen 1024×768 &
docker pull jriddell/kde1neon
docker run -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix jriddell/kde1neon

(The Docker image isn’t optimised at all and probably needs to download 10GB, have fun!)

11 Replies to “KDE 1 neon LTS Released: 20 Years of Supporting Freedom”

    1. I’m not sure I can be much help here, it’s mostly manual. I manually set up a Docker container with the Neon User Edition repo and installed neon-all. Then compiled qt1 and kde1

      Then used this
      FROM neon:kde1

      ENV DISPLAY=:1
      ENV LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/kde1/lib64/
      ENV PATH=/opt/kde1/bin:$PATH

      CMD /opt/kde1/bin/startkde

      1. Thanks for the info!
        I was interested how you made it work with Xephyr(I don’t have much experience with this).

    2. Hello Lilian,

      The Docker file is pulled down from Docker’s cloud when the above command is typed into the command line:

      docker pull jriddell/kde1neon

      …though all of the commands/steps need to be typed in order for this to work properly.

  1. Any chance of producing a live CD for this using Remastersys? Would like to see how it holds up on old hardware..

    1. sorry I’d rather not spend time or resources on that, just use the docker images

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