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Google Code-in has just finished where school pupils do tasks to introduce themselves to open development.  I had one to update the screenshots on  The KDE website is out of date in many ways but here’s a wee way to fix one part of it.  Despite me having about half a dozen students work on it there’s still some old screenshots there so if anyone wants the satisfaction of contributing to’s front page here’s an easy way. has screenshots of all our apps but many still use the old KDE 4 Oxygen widget theme and icons.

For 10 screenshots which is using the old theme take a new screenshot using the new theme.

They can be checked out from Subversion here also provide one the resized screenshot which is 400 pixels wide exactly.

Keep the filenames the same and in lower case.

Upload as a single .zip or .tar.gz containing the screenshots with the right file name and a folder resized/ with the 400px screenshots

For bonus points you could go through the index file to make sure it’s current with KDE applications

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  1. The reason might be that the Oxygen Icons are about 10 times easier to discern, since they are not limited to grayscale.

    I like the Breeze Theme, but I always change the Breeze Icons and since the Oxygen Icons are the most complete set of Icons, I usually default to them.

  2. Do you know if the KDE community is ever going to get a new design for the site? One more welcoming of new people.

    1. No idea, there’s plans but so far nobody with the time/skills/knowledge to implement it

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