Plasma Sprint: KDE neon Docker Images Now Support Wayland

The KDE neon Docker Images are the easiest and fastest way to test out KDE software from a different branch than your host system.

Coming live from the Plasma Sprint sponsored by Affenfels here in Stuttgart, the KDE neon Docker images now support Wayland.  This runs on both X and Wayland host systems.  Instructions on the wiki page.

Below you can see my host system running Plasma 5.9 on X is running Plasma master with Wayland.

Hugs to David E.


6 Replies to “Plasma Sprint: KDE neon Docker Images Now Support Wayland”

  1. Is there any way to enable automatic updates in the GUI?

  2. That’s amazing! However, to just try out a single new app I would prefer to just run a flatpak of the latest app using the latest KDE platform library. When developers respond to “Can you reproduce the bug with the latest code?”, pointing users to a nightly flatpak seems easier than telling them to run docker and xephyr. (Assuming that apps using newer KDE frameworks can cooperate with an older Plasma desktop…)

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