QQC2 Desktop Style Beta Release

Using Breeze

Using Oxygen

qqc2-desktop-style is a style for Qt Quick Controls 2 to make it follow your desktop’s theme.

It will be released with a future release of KDE Frameworks 5 but in the mean time it’s due to be an optional dependency to Plasma 5.11 which has a beta next week.

Download the beta now: sha256 checksum is

PGP signature is mine:
Jonathan Riddell with 0xEC94D18F7F05997E.







6 Replies to “QQC2 Desktop Style Beta Release”

    1. Kirigami needs a style. qqc2-desktop-style is that style. It picks up the style from desktop widget theme.

    2. This is a style for QtQuickControls2, which styles applications to look like at home on deskto psystems and Plasma desktop in particular.

      Kirigami is an extension, controls not present in the base QtQuickControls2, so we recomend in order to do a modern QML-based app, to use in concert Kirigami, QtQuickControls2 and this style when shipped on desktop systems (would be automatically picked up on applciation startup, the applications itself shouldn’t have to worry about)

    1. styling in QtQuickControls2 is a bit different than in QtQuickControls1
      in QQC1 it was basically Loaders that loaded one or the other qml file implementing the style.
      in QQC2 for performance reasns this is done in the type-registration phase, so it basically boild down to qmlRegisterType of “Button” to the right path of the qml file implementing the button

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